BANDLAND Used Percussion

updated January 2, 2019


Drum Sets
Tama Imperialstar Shell Pack, 18x22, 9x12, 10x13, 16x16, Smokey Grey Finish, tom holder and floor tom legs included, $199.98 (ISI1696)
Ludwig 1970s Blue Vistalite Shell Pack, Blue/Olive Badge, 14x22, 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, tom holder and floor tom legs included, $999.98 (ISI1646)

Snare Drums
Cannon 5.5x14 Steel Shell, $79.98 (ISI1622)
Ludwig Accent Custom CS Birch, 5x14, Amber Fade Lacquer, $99.98 (ISI1648)
Ludwig 1989 Acrolite, 5x14, Blue/Olive Badge, $129.98 (ISI1633)
Ludwig 1970s LM400 Supraphonic, 5x14, Blue/Olive Badge, $249.98 (ISI1647)
Mapex M Series 5x14 Maple, Amber Lacquer Finish, $79.98 (ISI1659)
Pearl 3.5x14 Free Floating Piccolo, Black Steel Shell, $149.98 (ISI1641)
Yamaha 6.5x14 Steel Shell, 10 lugs, $119.98 (ISI1666)


Vic Firth Table Castanets, $19.98 (ISI1694)
Remo 10" Tambourine w/ Head, $24.98 (ISI1694)
LP Single Row 25 Bar Chimes, $59.98 (ISI1695)


Zildjian 13" A New Beat HiHats, $159.98 (ISI1702)
Zildjian 14" ZXT Titanium Rock HiHats, $99.98 (ISI1676)
Sabian 14" AAX-Cellerator HiHats, $199.00 (ISI1656)
Zildjian 15” 60's/70's A HiHats, $189.98 (ISI1630)

Zildjian 18" A Rock Crash, $149.98) (ISI1705)

Zildjian 20" ZXT Titanium Rock Ride, $119.98 (ISI1678)

Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel, $59.98 (ISI1707)
Zildjian 7.5" Zil-Bel Volcano Cup, $69.98 (ISI1708)
Zildjian 12" Z Custom Splash, $89.98 (ISI1675)
Zildjian 14” K Mini China, $99.98 (ISI1430)


HiHat Stands
Yamaha 700 Series HiHat Stand, $59.98 (ISI1668)

Snare Stands
Generic Single-Braced Snare Stand, $24.98 (ISI1518)
Dixon Single-Braced Snare Stand, $29.98 (ISI1701)
Tama Double-Braced Snare Stand, $39.98 (ISI1700)

Other Hardware
Tama X-Hat, $39.98 (ISI1714)
Tama Mini Boom Arm w/ Clamp, $19.98 (ISI1717)
Tama L-Rod Cymbal Arm, $19.98 (ISI1716)
Pearl Gyro-Lock Short Tom Arm, $19.98 (ISI1595)
Pearl Gyro-Lock Short Tom Arm, $19.98 (ISI1596)
2 - 12" Hoop, $10.00ea (ISI1120, ISI1121)
2 - 16" Hoop, $10.00ea (ISI1124, ISI1125)


Ludwig Snare Kit Bag, $20.00 (ISI1297)
Ludwig Snare Kit Hard Case, $24.98 (ISI1684)
Humes & Berg 8" Fiber Hard Case, $19.98 (ISI1689)
Impact 12" Plastic Hard Case, $24.98 (ISI1690)
Humes & Berg Fiber Hard Case, $29.98 (ISI1691)