BANDLAND has years of experience in assisting area schools with beginning band and orchestra programs and recruitment. Whether you have a student ready to start in beginning band/orchestra, or a progressing student looking for a step-up or professional instrument, we have great options for you, and high quality instruments to help you every step of the way.

Instrument Quality Concerns

It is hugely important to start the student on a high quality violin, viola, or cello.  Bandland ensures you will receive a premium quality student instrument as recommended by your instructor.  Many of the low cost instruments found in pawn shops and online are not usable or reliable in the school program and may quickly discourage the student.  The beginning student requires a high quality instrument and simply cannot learn on an inferior instrument.

Instrument Sizing

You may stop at Bandand at any time during store hours to be measured for a violin, viola, or cello.  This is a complimentary service.

Orchestra Rental Rates and Requirements
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Meet Hannah, an awesome Bandland customer, with her new professional violin.  

Hannah originally rented a student model violin, and has now applied the equity toward this professional model.


Assisting her is Bandland associate Adam Jones.