Key Benefits of Bandland’s Rental Program . . . 

  • Very convenient monthly rental rate 

  • High Quality Instruments to help insure the student’s success 

  • Build equity toward a future instrument of the same type with each rental payment 

  • Return instrument anytime providing payments are current (and 2nd required payment has been made) 

  • Online rental available with school delivery for your convenience

WHY RENT ? ? ?

BANDLAND’S Rent-to-Rent Plan is perfect for parents who would like to rent an excellent quality instrument for their child, but with no risk. It also insures that the child will have a high quality instrument in excellent working condition, which is most important when trying to learn to play. Student may need a 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 sized instrument. Our plan allows you to trade up (at no extra charge) as student grows.

Violin, Viola, Cello—70% of each rental payment builds as equity toward the purchase of a future violin, viola, or cello. Your equity will apply to the price of any violin we keep in stock, including our step-up models. Note: Equity only applies to the same family of instrument as you have currently rented, such as violin, viola, or cello. No refund or equity if instrument is returned.

Monthly Rental Fee 
Violin—$24.00 (+ sales tax ) 
Viola—$28.00 (+ sales tax ) 
Cello—$58.00 (+ sales tax ) *4 payment minimum 

*NOTE: There is a 2 payment minimum with all violin and viola rentals. A second payment would be required prior to returning an instrument. Customer may elect to pay 2nd rental payment at time of rental and defer renewal date by one month. Rental fee must be paid at time of rental and is not refundable.


The following will be required from the parent or guardian to rent an instrument from BANDLAND:

  •  Name / address / phone
  •  Driver’s license or photo ID
  •  Full time employment and/or spouse with full time employment

 NOTE: We must have both of the following at time of rental.  Name on card/checking account must match signer of the rental agreement.

  •  Valid Major Credit Card or Debit Card for Autopay
  •  Valid Bank Checking Account Information (voided check) 

Two funding sources are required and will be recorded for use as funding for future rental payments.  Monthly payments are taken by auto-withdrawal.

  • Expiration date on card needs to be valid for 6 months from date of instrument rental.         

 Return Policy

You always have the option of returning the instrument and canceling your contract at anytime during the rental period providing the required minimum payments have been made.