Rent-to-Own at Bandland  -  A complete program with options to fit your needs

BANDLAND’S Rent-to-Own Plan is excellent for parents who would like to own a NEW style instrument for their child, but with less risk.  It also insures that the child will have a high quality instrument in excellent working condition, which is most important when trying to learn to play.  The plan offers the parent a competitive discount option for Early Buyout.

Key Benefits of Rent-to-Own at Bandland

1) Convenient monthly rental rate

2) All payments apply to price of band instrument

3) Return anytime and cancel agreement providing payments are current

4) Competitive Early Buyout discount during first 12 months of contract

5) High quality instruments to help ensure the student’s success 

6) Online rental available with school delivery for your convenience    


                    Monthly Rental Fee

Flute, Clarinet—$37.00 (+ sales tax )

Trumpet, Trombone —$39.00 (+ sales tax)

Cornet—$47.00 (+ sales tax )

Alto Sax—$65.00 (+ sales tax )

Percussion Kit—$35.00 (+ sales tax )

  • Rental fee must be paid at time of rental and is not refundable

NOTE: There is a 2 payment minimum with all rentals. A second payment would be required prior to returning an instrument.  Customer may elect to pay the 2nd rental payment at time of rental signup and extend renewal date by one month.

  • Renew and Continue RTO with all payments applying to the cost of the instrument, or take the optional Early Buyout discount.
  • OPTIONAL EARLY BUYOUT: We offer a 20% discount off the unpaid balance for the first 12 months of the contract.
  • Return instrument anytime providing payments are current and the 2 minimum payments have been made.

Bandland only rents high quality, name-brand instruments.  Our high-quality instruments will greatly benefit the band student and the music program.


The following will be required from the parent or guardian to rent an instrument from BANDLAND:

  •  Name / address / phone
  •  Driver’s license or photo ID
  •  Full time employment and/or spouse with full time employment

 NOTE: We must have both of the following at time of rental.  Name on card/checking account must match signer of the rental agreement.

  •  Debit / Credit Card for Autopay
  •  Bank Checking Account Information or Voided Check 

  Monthly payments are taken by auto-withdrawal.


                    Return Policy

 You always have the option of returning the instrument and canceling your contract at anytime during the rental period, providing payments are up to date and 2 monthly rental payments have been made.

Important Information on Instrument Quality

Frequently Asked Questions