Monthly Rental Fee

Below are price ranges for step-up rentals:

Flutes & Piccolos $50.00—$75.00
Clarinet & Oboes $75.00—$100.00
Alto Sax & Tenor Sax $75.00—$130.00
Trumpets $50.00—$115.00
Trombones $65.00—$115.00
French Horns $120.00—$180.00
Violin $35.00—$100.00
Viola $40.00-$100.00
Cello $70.00-$100+

There is a 4 -10 payment minimum with this plan


The following will be required from the parent or guardian to rent an instrument from BANDLAND:

  •  Name / address / phone
  •  Driver’s license or photo ID
  •  Full time employment and/or spouse with full time employment

 NOTE: We must have both of the following at time of rental.  Name on card/checking account must match signer of the rental agreement.

  • Debit / Credit Card for Autopay
  • Bank Checking Account Information or Vioded Check 

  Monthly payments are taken by auto-withdrawal.


Return Policy:

You always have the option of returning the instrument and canceling your contract at anytime during the rental period, providing the minimum rental payments have been made.

Step-up & Professional instruments are not available to rent online.  Please contact Bandland for assistance.