Bandland offers embouchure evaluations in various schools throughout the fall on weekday evenings.  Now you can take the initial step in getting your son/daughter involved in the school band program.  The staff from BANDLAND will assist in evaluating your child for an instrument.  Some students will adapt best to specific instruments, and will have a higher success rate if doing so.  However, we have found that forcing a child to play an instrument they do not want will nearly always end in failure.  Being open-minded to instrumentation that the school band needs will also be appreciated when selecting an instrument.

NOTE: We hire specialists to assist with the instrument evaluations to ensure the best opportunity for the student.  For this reason, we can not offer the evaluations at times other than previously scheduled.  If you miss the evaluation at the school, you may contact Bandland's School Educational Rep to assist you.  Call Bandland at 304-622-1171 for more information.

        When your band director has notified the students that band classes will be starting, you may bring your child to a "embouchure evaluation" session as shown above.  While there, your son/daughter will:

  •          Be shown how to create a sound on the instrument
  •          Be given a chance on another instrument if their original instrument does not seem to “work or fit” easily for them.

 BANDLAND will assist you in any way possible to obtain the proper instrument.  We have many years of experience in band testing and are a devoted supporter of school music education.